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We have a very user friendly telephone system. Just dial our main number at (719) 634-1994 and follow the prompts below:

Prompt 2 – This prompt allows physicians, other medical practices, and the hospital to reach one of or doctors.

Prompt 3 – This prompt is for directions to our clinic.

Prompt 4 – This prompt is for our billing department.

Prompt 5 – This prompt is for our medical records department.

Prompt 6 – This prompt is for patients wishing to schedule an appointment or get a general question answered.

Prompt 7 – This prompt is for patients inquiring about prescription refills.

** If you have rotary service you will wait on the line to be transferred to an appointment scheduler.

After hours and on weekends you can call our main phone number and follow the prompts to reach the urologist on call.

You can also call (719) 634-1994 and press one of the extensions below to speak directly to the listed staff member.

Staff Directory

AlejandraMedical Recordsx113
AshleySurgery Schedulingx112
EstrellaMedical Recordsx128
NancySurgery Schedulingx129
KahlaScanner/Front Office Floatx134
MaLindaFront Office Floatx123
MeriOutpatient Testingx115
PriscillaBilling Sectionx131
StacenPractice Administratorx135
TammyBilling Sectionx137
AmberMA for Dr. Coonsx160
AshleyMA for Dr. Fergusonx125
BelindaMA for Dr. Jepsonx140
JenMA for Dr. Thomaschx133
LorenaMA for Dr. Harrisx142
LeonaMA for Dr. McBridex167
LeticiaMA for Joannax126
MegMA for Angelax133
RachelMA for Dr. Cohnx116
SaraMA for Dr. Derksenx127
MartizaClinical Managerx144