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If this is your first visit with us we will ask you to complete our registration and health history forms. We have provided these forms on our website below for you to fill out at your convenience. We ask that you fax, email, or drop your paperwork back to us prior to your appointment. This allows us time to load the information into our electronic medical record system prior to your appointment. If you bring the completed paperwork with you we ask that you show up 45 minutes prior to your appointment.

IMPORTANT: Instructions for completing forms

Please download the Interactive PDFs to your desktop by clicking the Save button at top of page (looks like a disc). Then, fill out all the necessary information (be sure to use Adobe Acrobat) and click the Save button again. Now you can open your email program and attach the PDF file to your email. Please email the completed forms to

Attention Apple Mac users:Please do not fill out the form using the common Mac software program called “Preview.” It appears to work fine on your end but we are unable to read your responses once we receive the form. If you double click the form to open it, Preview might be the default application used to open the form, so instead, please open it with Adobe Acrobat. Thank you.

For help, please call 719-634-1994 or email

New Patient Packet: Download(opens in a new tab)
Vasectomy Packet: Download(opens in a new tab)