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Men's Health Specialist - Colorado Spring, CO

Men’s health issues focus on the male reproductive system and the effects of the male sex hormone testosterone. When you have concerns about your sexual or reproductive health, you need to consult experts in the field like those at Urological Associates in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our team provides the most advanced diagnostics and treatments for men’s health problems, relieving you of the distress of conditions like erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and prostate problems.

If you’re concerned about testicular pain or prostate health, or you’re experiencing sexual problems, call Urological Associates today or book an appointment online for a men’s health exam.

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FAQs on Men's Health

What is men’s health?

Most men’s health conditions relate to the male reproductive system. This consists of the penis, scrotum, testicles, urethra, and prostate gland, along with glands called the seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands and the connecting tubes and ducts (epididymis and vas deferens). Men’s health issues often concern conditions that develop because of imbalances in levels of the male sex hormone testosterone.

What men’s health conditions are the most common?

Men’s health conditions that Urological Associates sees most often include:


If your testosterone levels drop too much, you can lose muscle mass and have chronic fatigue. You might feel low or lack your usual enthusiasm. Low testosterone is also a common cause of sexual problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction. It can also affect fertility.


Erectile dysfunction is a problem where you can’t get erections, or your erections aren’t as hard or long-lasting as normal.

Prostate problems

Your prostate is a gland that produces fluids for semen. One common prostate problem is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate enlargement. Another is prostatitis, which is prostate gland inflammation.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers to affect men. It usually develops slowly, although there are less common types that can progress rapidly. Screening for prostate cancer is an important part of preventive health care for men. Urological Associates can advise you how often you need to have a prostate exam. Prostate conditions cause problems with urination, including urgency, incontinence, not being able to empty your bladder, and having to get up in the night to urinate.

Other common problems affecting men’s health include Peyronie’s disease (abnormal curvature of your penis when erect), urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones, and varicoceles (varicose veins in your scrotum).

What does it mean if I have testicular pain?

If you have pain in your testicles, it could be because of an injury or an internal issue. Testicular cancer doesn’t necessarily cause pain, so you should get into the habit of checking your testicles regularly for lumps or other changes in the tissue. All men between the ages of 20 and 54 should also undergo an annual screening at Urological Associates. Testicular cancer is highly treatable when found early. It’s also quite rare, although it is the most common type of cancer in men aged 15 to 34.