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Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects men and women of all ages and for various reasons. If you’re experiencing urinary incontinence, Urological Associates in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the place to go for a prompt, accurate diagnosis. The highly qualified specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostics and the most advanced treatments for urinary incontinence. Call Urological Associates today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment using the online form.

Urinary Incontinence Q & A

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a symptom that causes you to lose control over your bladder. You might find you leak urine at times, which is typical of stress incontinence. Or you might be unable to hold on long enough to get to the toilet when you need to urinate, which is called urge incontinence.

Overflow incontinence is where you have dribbles of urine because your bladder isn’t emptying properly. As well as these urinary problems, you might experience functional incontinence, where a physical or mental disorder stops you from getting to the bathroom in time.

How is incontinence treated?

Incontinence isn’t a diagnosis in itself – it’s a symptom of an underlying condition. Therefore, the treatment of incontinence starts with addressing the cause wherever possible.

You might benefit from undergoing bladder training, learning to double void, and adopt scheduled urination. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) are also helpful in improving bladder control.

Treatment with Botox® injections can be effective for urinary incontinence as well. Or you might need to undergo surgery or other procedures for your urinary incontinence, depending on the cause.

What kinds of surgery might I need for urinary incontinence?

Urological Associates specializes in performing procedures that resolve urinary incontinence, including:

Artificial urinary sphincter

An artificial urinary sphincter is a device only approved for use in males, that consists of a cuff filled with fluid that wraps around your urethra, a balloon that goes at the front of your bladder, and a pump fitted in your scrotum. The cuff prevents urine from passing down your urethra until you’re ready to urinate.

Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS)

PTNS is a treatment for overactive bladder problems. If other treatments for urinary urgency, urge incontinence, and urinary frequency aren’t proving effective, PTNS could help. It involves stimulating the tibial nerve in your ankle, which affects the nerves in your spinal cord responsible for bladder control.  


InterStim is an electronic device that your provider at Urological Associates implants into your body. It stimulates your sacral nerves, which improves bladder control if you have urinary urgency or urinary frequency.

Male and female slings

A sling is a support device for the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, they can’t hold your urethra in the right position, which means the urethra can’t maintain its leak-proof seal.

A sling goes under the urethra and keeps it in the right position. It also provides protection against stress incontinence by supporting the urethra when you cough, sneeze, or laugh.

To find out more about treatments for urinary incontinence, call Urological Associates today or book an appointment online.